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What to consider before you BUY!

When buying flooring it can be exciting, a chore or both. Below are a few things to consider before your next trip to the flooring store, that will make you feel confident and prepared to tackle this project.

Lifestyle - What kind of life do you lead? Do you have a busy house, kids or pets? If you have one of these or all of these, you will want a few key things; durability, darker color shades and stain resistance.

Budget - How much do you want to spend? Knowing this before walking into the store can save you money, time and heart ache. With a budget in mind the sales associate will be bale to guide you to options that will fit your budget and needs.

Interior Design - What style is your home? Do you have a modern, contemporary, traditional or farmhouse style? Is your home an older home? What decor style do you lean towards? What color are the walls? What's your furniture style? All these questions play into factor for what style, color and pattern of flooring you will put in your home. You will want a flooring that will complement your home and style for years to come.

Maintenance -

How much time do you want to spend on upkeep? This is a key question that will factor into your decision. For example, carpet needs to be vacuumed once to twice a week, where laminate and luxury vinyl needs to be swept and mopped regularly.

Climate - Do you live in a warm climate, or do you live in a climate where you can have all seasons in one day? This will play a factor into the flooring and color you choose. For example, a lighter colored floor for climate with all seasons can make for more maintenance, due to dirt,mud and grime.

Allergies - Do any you or any of your family members have allergies? If so, you will want to check into the flooring you pick and see how it is for allergen suffers.

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