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LVP Vs. Laminate

In the world of flooring the choices are endless. There is flooring for every style and every budget. With that being said, luxury vinyl and laminate floors are hot. With the way they hold up to everyday wear and tear and the wide variety its no wonder why. Below we are breaking down the main differences. Next time your shopping for flooring you will feel confident in what you want and you will know the differences.

Luxury Vinyl:

- Comes in planks and tiles.

- Waterproof.

- Install on any level of your home.

- DIY friendly. (BONUS)

- Quiet underfoot. (reduced noise, say what?)

- Float, glue or loose lay.


- Comes in planks.

- Water resistant.

- Fade & Scratch resistant.

- Floating installation.

- DIY Friendly (BONUS AGAIN)

- Install on any level of your home.

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