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Darks VS Lights

When shopping for hard surface flooring (laminate, luxury vinyl or hardwood) it can be difficult to know if you want to go with dark or light colors. In this post we will break down darks vs lights. Both are beautiful and look stunning in their own right. What will fit your style better? Keep reading and you might just find out.

If choosing dark, things to keep in mind:

* Contrast- When selecting furniture or cabinets, select a wood of a lighter color. You will want some contrast. You don't want your furniture to blend in with your flooring.

* Maintenance - Dark colored floors tend to require more maintenance, as they show more dirt, dust, pet dander and are more susceptible to damage being noticed, such as dents and scratches.

*Atmosphere - Dark floors are often warmer due to the color tones, more earthy and can make a room feel more inviting and comfy.

*Style - What is your style? If you are more traditional or rustic, then darks are definitely your style. Add bulky furniture and throw down a chunky woven rug and your set.

If choosing light, things to keep in mind:

* Contrast - When selecting light colored floors, choose furniture and cabinets that are darker. If you stay with the same colored wood everything will look to stark, add some contrast.

* Maintenance - Light colored floors require less maintenance, as they show less dirt, dust and pet dander. Light floors are less susceptible to damage being noticed, such as dents and scratches, as they tend to blend in with the floor.

*Atmosphere - Light colored floors create a sunnier, cheerful vibe. They often tend to attract more attention than those of dark colored floors.

*Style - If you are looking for a more modern floor or if your home is ultra-contemporary, you may want to go with lighter floors. Grab some bright accent pillows and your all set.

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