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Carpet? Durable?

Thinking of putting or replacing carpet in your home. Today we are breaking down what types are most durable. Keep reading to find out more.

Nylon - Nylon is the strongest fiber of carpet and is perfect for those heavy traffic areas in your home. Nylon is durable yet easy to clean and maintain. Nylon's resilient fibers make carpet bounce back after the carpet has began to flatten due to heavy foot traffic or furniture. Most nylon carpets offer stain resistance, so if a stain occurs it won't seep into the fibers. Nylon is often more costly upfront than other carpet types, but worth it in the long run.

Polyester - Polyester is a great option for low traffic areas like bedrooms and for budgets. If put in a heavy traffic area polyester will show signs of wear faster, like crushing and matting than a Nylon due to the fibers not being as resilient or strong. Polyester carpets are more budget friendly than nylon and will hold up and keep there beauty for many years in low traffic areas. Polyester carpets are great if sticking to a budget, putting into a rental or if you like to change out your flooring every 5 -10 years and a poly is also non-static unlike a nylon, so no static shocks.

Both types have pros and cons, so it just depends what your looking for and what type of budget you want to spend.

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